Motion Graphic Illustration

NASA's "Ask an Astrobiologist" Intro

This work was created during my Animated Project internship with NASA Headquarters' Astrobiology Department. I worked with a staff animator to develop a new intro sequence to the monthly web series "Ask an Astrobiologist". Throughout my project I developed concept art, storyboards, a new brand identity including logo and color palette, and final illustrated pieces for the animator to use.

Article on NASA website regarding my work and internship experience:

Media used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffects
Preview of the animated intro sequence.
(Artwork by Melissa Flower. Music and Animation by by Mike Toillion)
Final full-resolution illustrations:
A sample of a late version of the storyboard. I worked with a staff animator to come up with the sequence of shots, what to include in each scene and how to navigate the transitions.